Who makes the material selections for my restoration project?

You do.  Your CSG Project Manager will work with you to provide a ‘Shop-At-Home’ experience as much as possible and will bring you samples to choose from for finish material selections.


How long does this process take?

The amount of time required to settle a claim depends on the size of the claim.  In most cases, we have our evaluation report written within 48 hours of inspecting the property.  Once written, we send it to the carrier for approval.  Each carrier is different and responds within different time frames.  Your CSG Project Manager will correspond with your carrier’s adjuster and find out what their current turn-around time is and keep you informed every step of the way.


How does CSG Restorations get paid for repairing my home?

Typically, once we settle your claim, the carrier pays you directly, less your deductible.  Then, as work progresses, you pay us based on mutually-agreeable progress milestones that are written out and agreed to before work begins.  Your final payment to us is not made until we are finished and you are satisfied with the work.


Do I have to use the Insurance Carrier’s contractor?

No.  Some carriers may recommend one of their contractors to you.  You do not have to use them.  You, as the property owner, are free to employ the contractor of your choosing.


Is CSG Restorations, Inc. licensed and insured?

Yes.  We carry a New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor’s (HIC) License, as required by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.  Our HIC License number is 13VH09218100.

We maintain General Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00, per occurrence and an additional $2,000,000.00 general aggregate.  We also maintain Worker’s Compensation coverage in accordance with the legal requirements for the State of New Jersey.


Can I upgrade my home or make changes as part of the reconstruction process?

Yes!  We have to settle your claim based on restoring your home to a pre-loss condition first.  Then we will work with you to make any changes you wish so your home is rebuilt any way you want.